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Montreal strip clubs and bars – Tips, Dos and Donts

Montreal strip clubs bars tips Dos and Donts

We gathered the following insight on some of the most popular Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to being at the local Strip clubs, some are based on personal experiences *uhmm* and some based on live events or feedback from random strippers in Montreal.

The following is provided as a guide reference and a proactive advice, some of you might agree, some not, bottom line, they are considered common sense, at least that’s what we think.

1 – Always bring your own cash: Assuming you haven’t looked up this info on our website and not knowing in advance whether the club has a built-in ATM machine or accepts major credit cards can be a total bummer when you’re in the heat of the action getting your lap dance from your favorite stripper and the waitress tells you “Sorry, Cash only” while holding the drinks you had ordered.
Yes the gesture was nice to accommodate the fine stripper’s thirst but turns useless when you look like an amateur holding a debit or credit card in your hands. Luckily for you, we provide those critical details on our website for each of the listed strip clubs.

2 – Identification ID’s: More and more, strip clubs are validating their client’s age by requesting proof of ID, dont risk the trip to the strip club relying on your sex appeal or relying on your group of female friends that accompanied you, the slightest doubt in a manager or bouncer’s head can trigger his quest to verify your ID cards, so DO bring them along and save yourself the embarrassment or the round trip.

3 – ALWAYS tip the bouncer: In most cases, Bouncers decide whether you’re in or out, nice seat vs isolated seat, therefore, be sure not to cheap out on the bouncer, they do serve a good purpose and that is also keeping you safe from harm *ex.: Over abused alcohol usage causing vivid visions and mislead steps bumping waitresses or accidentally slapping a stripper’s behind*, besides, who else is going to “carry” you outside if you are too drunk to walk?

4 – Respect the dress code: No hats means no hats, dont ask, dont bother and dont front, off with the hat and into the belly of the beast for good times.

5 – Speaking of dress code, avoid thick material pants/skirts to benefit from full friction, jeans can be irritating to the skin, soft and lite weight clothes are recommended, under pants are optional, unless it’s Winter.
Keep sharp objects (keys, dildos, rings, etc.) away from the front pocket and last but not least, avoid those bulky belts.

6 – Ask and you shall receive: Before heading to the VIP room or getting the private lap dance, make sure you acknowledge and understand what the fees are and what is allowed or not allowed, usually the club will have posters on their walls stating some rules and whatnot, but just in case there isn’t any and if in doubt, ASK before you engage to avoid misunderstandings and a bad experience.

7 – Play nice: Part of the strippers tasks is to walk the floor looking for potential clients or sit down and mingle along, this is a game of seduction and they are the true masters, when approached by the stripper, don’t be arrogant, play nice, smile back, keep the conversation short and sweet if not interested and kindly state your answer whether its negative or positive.

8 – Keep a safe distance when sitting near the dance stage for an up-close visual candy, try not to stick your head in the “zone”, one spin of those hard strippers’ boots and you can kiss your night goodbye straight to the hospital, anticipate her moves and flexibility, some do put on a full dancing act and take control of the stage, better be safe than sorry.

9 – Indecent proposals So you got this fine stripper performing and your blood stream is boiling, you know you are allowed to touch but you’re trying to push your luck further, don’t, really, it’s not the right place nor the right type of entertainment provided within those establishments, if you get the urge to play naughty or suggest sexual activities, expect a negative outcome, maybe a slap or your ass bouncing out the exit door, remember that somewhere, there is a huge bouncer eagerly waiting to cease the chance of performing his lately mastered Ultimate fighting skills, so behave and let the stripper entertain you the right way.

Like any adult entertainment services, mutual respect is expected, and the strip club is no different from any other adult business.

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Finally, enjoy your stay, whether you’re solo, with a group of friends, local or a tourist, the established Montreal Strip clubs are here to provide you with the finest entertainment and entertained you shall be, embrace the city of Montreal and you will understand why they call it Sin city.

Each strip club listed on our website has its own QR code displayed on the right side column, using a Free QR code reader application on your smart phone device (Blackberrys, iPhones, Androids, etc) you can scan it and store the info related to each strip club listed for easier reference while on the go.

Don’t forget that you can access our website from a mobile smart phone as well, compatible with most popular smart phones for easier and liter access.

Feel free to share your own tips or personal experience in the Comments section below or leave your review or rating under the corresponding Strip Club listing on our website.

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